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Past Exhibits


'Vermont: Ideals & Ordeals'
January 13 - February 11
Reception: Friday, January 13 from 5:00-7:00pm

Vermont through the lens of art photographer Denise Letendre Bach. Denise captures the beauty of Vermont's landscape, architecture, and even mud season!

Dan Gilman: The Path Less Traveled

Despite the severest of challenges, Dan Gilman shows that it is possible to achieve emotional and artistic fulfillment.

At left: My Pathway

'Prelude to Spring: Botanical Art in Vermont'
February 17 - April 1
Reception: Friday, February 17 from 4:00-7:00pm

‘Prelude to Spring: Botanical Art in Vermont' presents the work of three of Vermont's finest botanical artists. Bobbi Angell, Susan Bull Riley, and Stephanie Whitney-Payne clearly have a passion for the plants as well as the work, revealing a relationship with the subject that is intimate and deeply focused.   


Reception: Thursday, April 13, 4:00-7:30pm
Exhibit on display through April

Collaborating with the schools of the Rutland Northeast School District, over 900 students will come to Compass to create a large interconnected drawing using sumi ink. Community members will also be welcome to participate.


Splash of Color
May 5 - July 2
Reception: Sunday, May 7, 2:00-4:00pm

Norma Montaigne says searching for different mediums leads her to interesting places, that experimenting challenges her every day and thought. 'Splash of Color' is a collection of her vibrant and varied work.


"The Self"
July 7 - August 19
Reception: Friday, July 7, 5:00-7:30pm

An installation of drawings and sculpture by Bill Ramage that attempts to explore the role of “The Self” and its connection to the life of a person.


Natural Affection
August 25 - October 28
Reception: Friday, August 25, 5:00-7:00

Susan Bull Riley's primary muse is Vermont's natural world, which was hers to explore as she grew up in a family that spent as much time outdoors as in. “Natural Affection” reflects three facets of her work: a love of botanical watercolor, a bottomless affection for birds, and a need to release, via art, the intensity of her affection for the landscapes of her native state.

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