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Your Junk, My Art: The Transformation of Found Objects

Nov. 8 - Dec 15th
Opening reception: Nov. 9th from 5-8pm

The magic potential of “things” becomes manifest in the works of these artists who explore, play with, alter and arrange found objects in a diverse array of wonderful art. The artists represented are B Amore, Nancy Weis, Karen Koziol, Catherine Hall, Bob Hooker, Janet Van Fleet, Kristin Humbargar, Ronni Solbert, Dick Weis, Susan Farrow, Gene Childers, Tom Absher and Ruth Hamilton.

Everyone has a creative spark. The visual artist takes life and license to explore visual representations often in unusual ways with great variety of material. We all know paint, sculpture, prints and photography. But one of the most playful ways is to explore with pre-constructed objects that for some reason peak our interest, challenge our way of seeing in unusual forms, or simply give the artist a way to develop a work somewhat as an improvisation in jazz with the object as a takeoff note or an added riff. With found objects anything goes from highly formal constructions to political ideas, installations to hilarious manifestations of the visual realm. We see the impetus in our neighbor's lawn metaphors and farmer's hay bale animals. Artists like Thornton Dial, Vic Muniz and Lonny Holly are noted for their masterful assemblages of found objects that are truly some of the finest “art” created in the 20 th century.

Not all artwork pictured. Many pieces are for sale. For pricing contact us.

Susan Farrow

Gene Childers
Hooter Valve

Dick Weis
Arranged Marriage

Ruth Hamilton
Oya, Winds of Change

B Amore
This Mortal Coil

Tom Absher
Lily in Her Imaginary Kitchen

Janet Van Fleet

Kristin Humbargar

Ronni Solbert
Carini Bambini

Nancy Weis
Perilous Journey

Catherine Hall

Karen Koziol
Peking Duck

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