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Stephanie Stouffer Galleries
Shop original paintings and commercial products which carry the iconic designs of the Vermont artist/illustrator

OPERA at-a-glance
We're celebrating the world of opera! Learn about its history, fun facts, and how the recording industry had an impact on it. And sample some opera in our listening room!

Piano Lessons
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Learn to play the piano with instructor Kim Hewitt



Monday - Saturday, 10-5pm

The Compass Music and Arts Center (CMAC) is a new and developing arts venue. The purpose of CMAC is to help bring art in all its forms to the people of Vermont and beyond. Community and arts developments and activities are supported by
the non-profit organization, the Compass Music and Arts Foundation, Inc.



Now Leasing for 2019
Looking for office space or a place to start or grow your company? We have affordable and flexible units.

Under the umbrella of the Compass Music and Arts Foundation, BARN OPERA brings professional opera to an intimate, unintimidating setting.

Concerts at Brandon Music
We regularly offer Saturday night concerts at our sister site, Brandon Music. Check our upcoming schedule for jazz, folk, classical, bluegrass and other events.


Compass Music and Arts Center is owned, and commercial activities managed by, Diversions LLC.
Educational, community, and arts activities and programs operated by Compass Music and Arts Foundation, Inc.


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